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Experience the Caribbean at Parkway Caribbean

We are the home of the best Jamaican Beef Patties in town. We also offer great Caribbean and other Ethnic Cuisine. Affordable lunch and dinner in a very clean environment. Dine in or Take out!

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Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaica is a melting point of different ethnic groups. Here at Parkway Caribbean we seek to keep that culture alive. Check out where each food item originated from in Jamaica that we use to prepare some of your favorite meals.

More Jamaican Sayings

"One, one coco full basket"

Do not expect to achieve success overnight, take it slowly

"See and Blind, Hear and Deaf"

Sometimes you need to give a deaf ear, and turn a blind eye to things in order to not get involved

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Every "Ting" Balance!

A perfect blend of reggae music, Jamaican artifacts and authentic Caribbean cuisine. The environment at Parkway Caribbean is designed to emulate a relaxed island setting with natural wood chairs, stone counters, bamboo accessories and palm trees to give the impression of a Caribbean country side. A clean and friendly atmosphere.

Cool sayings in Jamaican patois

There are traditional cool sayings in Jamaica which express some truth or familiar experience. What makes these sayings so amusing is when they are told in Jamaican patois. These sayings will have you laughing and thinking at the same time.

"Cool no man"

Can mean that you are in agreement with the person or that you should take it easy.

"Anywey it maga it pap off"

This one usually goes well with budgeting. If you're spending a lot of money during hard times, and not earning more to replace it, one day you'll eventually run out.

Coffee and Internet

Free internet access is avaliable for our customers to log-on and enjoy, while experiencing our friendly and vibrant atmosphere here at Parkway Caribbean.

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